Ikan berkaki dan mirip hamster di Mexico

Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) is a type of salamander that spends its life in the form of larvae. Exotic animals unique nan is sometimes referred to as “Mexican Walking Fish” because he looks like a fish that has hands and feet. However, the Axolotl is not actually a kind of fish, but rare type of salamander found in Mexico City. Axolotl length can reach 30 cm, but the average size is only 15 cm. The color of their bodies the average black or brown kepirangan and many are albino with such funny colors pink. These animals have gills that are outside his body. Gill seems to be beside her head so that a cursory look like horns. Eastern people often creates a fantasy that is associated to a legend of the dragon, so they often referred to as dragon fish.


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