Get Your Thesis For Blogspot Today!

Finally, Engine Carian powered by Thesis for Blogspot designed by Thesis For Blogspot. If before you used any templates blogspot, I suggested to you try the thesis for blogspot as well. At least, Engine Carian blog looks more neat and organized right?

There may be some of you don’t know, the advantages of Thesis theme is SEO friendly. Thesis for Blogspot may have its own flaws, but If was enough to give the best in the Search Engine Resuls Page (SERP). It’s the best!
The selection of templates is very important according to your niche. If your prefer to use the SEO for each content article published. Thesis for Blogspot is the solution.
Apart from SEO friendly, likely, if your keywords are relevant and focused on quality content. Your articles are always guaranteed at 1st page Google Malaysia. Therefore, many thanks to Thesis for Blogspot developers from
Here are the details of Thesis for Blogspot template V2
  1. Heading Tag SEO
  2. Meta Tag
  3. Search Engine Optimization Robots.txt settings
  4. Feature Header Fix
  5. Widget Sidebar and..
  6. Google’s Rich Snippets Set Up

Not worth it? All of the features already available in the Thesis for Blogsppot Version 2. Get it now!
credit:MR RIL

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